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What We Do

Wolf Trucking Inc is a full service trucking and dumpster business. We drop off dumpsters and/or containers to your job site and private residences. You fill it up then call us and we come pick it up. It’s that simple! We can also deliver small equipment such as a Bobcat or small excavator for your landscaping or demolition needs. Drive the tractor out of the dumpster then fill it up!

A sample of what we can deliver:
- Dirt
- Rock (from gravel to large landscaping boulders)
- Bark
- Topsoil
- Small excavators and tractors, such as a Bobcat

A sample of what we can pick up and dispose of:
- Concrete / asphalt
- Wood
- Metals
- Land clearing debris (sod, stumps, yard waste, brush, etc)
- Recycling materials
- Roofing
- Junk

(We do not pick up any hazardous or special disposal materials such as asbestos, electronics, biological wastes, tires, etc)


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